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Lincoln kicked off Trinity term with City Bumps, taking on a variety of college and city crews in four non-contact bumps races over a sunny Saturday. This year Lincoln entered three fours, up from just one in previous years. The first men’s four – otherwise known as the Oarsome Foursome went into the race with spirits high, having won Autumn Fours in Michaelmas, and had some expert input from Doug Bruce in the week up to the race. The four of Alex Bostrom, John Dudding, Toby Virno and Charlie Podschies started 3rd on the river with their eyes on the headship. Despite the novelty of starting the race relatively sober (not a common thing in a race held the day after the first bop of term), the crew were able to intimidate the opposition with some impressive tap spinning. However, we had not anticipated the strength of the Trinity crew we were chasing. Despite coming closer and closer throughout the day, we were only able to close to within half a length by the end of the day, although we were never troubled from behind. Although somewhat disappointed, we rowed well, and it served as a fitting sign-off for Lincoln M1 stalwarts Charlie Podschies and John Dudding.

The success of the day on the men’s side, however, came from the hastily put together Second Four of David Sturrock, Luke Buhl-Nielsen, Chris Wallis and Barnaby Roberts, with a sub appearance for Max Lack. Despite a shaky start, they comfortably closed on all before them, taking blades with minimal effort. Lincoln women’s four was entered at the very last possible minute, with our crew completed just four days before the event itself. However, what we lacked in preparation we more than made up for in quality and the crew of Danielle Costa, Nicole Scheumann, Sophie Roberts, Jenni Gossen and Sophie Shawdon obliterated the competition in all four races, rising seven places in total to finish sixth in Division 1 and take home blades. Again Lincoln showed their strength in small boats, and started Trinity term on a high.