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IWL (Isis Winter League) is a series of five head races run over the course of Michaelmas and Hilary terms. With little other competitive racing before Torpids in March, IWL provides a vital opportunity for college crews to pit themselves against each other and to see where they stand in comparison to their rivals. For Lincoln Men & Women this year the results of IWL were a positive boost and a great sign of things to come. Lincoln Men & Women entered at least one boat into each IWL, with four boats each entered into the final two races. Lincoln W1 produced the best performance of a Lincoln women’s crew in anyone’s memory, winning two of the five races and never finishing in a lower position than seventh. This incredible success resulted in Lincoln finishing top of the league for women’s boats. Our second boat also performed well, regularly finishing as the fastest genuine second crew, and beating many first boats in the process! On the women’s side, we were also one of very few colleges to field four completely different crews in IWL D and E, a clear sign of Lincoln’s aim that everyone should get a chance to race.