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IWL C took place on a blustery Sunday, just a week after crew selection.

Lincoln’s four women’s crews headed out bravely into a strong headwind, still expecting good results despite bad weather. W1 logged the second fastest time, beaten only by LMH – the crew that they would be chasing in Torpids. W2 had an incredible race, finishing the course just a second slower than W1, which meant they beat all first boats entered except three. W3 was unlucky enough to experience equipment failure, and rowed the entire course without a cox box; despite this, both W3 and W4 beat several second boats from other colleges. These results were encouraging at the beginning of the term, and really served to illustrate the depth of Lincoln’s women’s side. With the river frozen over, and ice clinging to the banks of the Isis, IWL D was unfortunately cancelled two weeks later. This changed the format of the League, as there would be only four races, instead of five. To make up for the lost racing opportunity for all crews, we went down to the boathouse anyway for some sprint ergs!

Taking place just over a week before Torpids, IWL E was a chance for all crews to size each other up before bumps racing. A fair number of first boats came back to the Isis from Godstow, meaning that competition was fiercer at the top than in previous IWLs. Lincoln W1 still put in a very impressive performance, losing out to only one crew, Pembroke WA. Our W2 continued to dominate amongst the second boats, and W3 emerged as the second fastest of the third boats (including Queens’ M3); this was encouraging for both crews, as they would be Rowing On later in the week. Lincoln W4 raced very strongly, determinedly holding off Trinity WB all the way down the Green Banks and past Boathouse Island, and beating Keble’s W2. In 7th week, it was announced that Lincoln Women had won the Isis Winter League for 2012, alongside Pembroke Men. The final league scores can be found here.