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The day of Bedford Regatta began very early- at 6am- as all of W1 and W2 set off for Bedford. W2’s 1st race was against Warwick University Novices, who they beat very emphatically, looking extremely powerful and tidy. W1 were facing Brasenose first. After an evenly matched start, W1 began to row away from Brasenose, when they caught a series of boat-stopping crabs, resulting in an easy victory for W1.

After an interlude of several hours, it was time for the 2nd round races. W2’s opponents were Univ W1, and so were in for a tough race. However, W2 fought bravely and Univ came across the line only just in front of them, not bad considering that Univ are currently in Div 1 for 8s.

W1 were up against Downing College, Cambridge, the current Head of the River at Cambridge, and winner of the College Boat Club at the Henley (Dorney) Boat Races. Although Downing had a very strong start, W1 settled into their rhythm and held on to Downing fiercely, so that Downing gained no more distance, and crossed the line only about a length and a half in front of Lincoln.

So, although this was the end of the day’s racing, the results were extremely promising for both crews, and both W1 and W2 are looking forwards to a very exciting 8s!